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To establish a sense of origin, context and roots for the leading Czech beer brand; to raise awareness of where Budvar comes from and the traditional processes with which it is made. Our challenge was to create a real sense of South Bohemia and the Czech Republic in drinkers’ minds and to boost traffic and engagement via social.


Untold masterminded and created the ‘Unfiltered Guide to The Czech Republic’, a content play involving films, features and photography across a range of themes – from making the ultimate brewer’s goulash to rafting down the Vltava river. Hosted on czechstories.com, the content unpacks the Czech Republic through a variety of brand touchpoints: authenticity, originality, ‘no shortcuts’, place, process and independent spirit. Woven into these are the brand’s own stories, revealing the care and time involved in making ‘Europe’s last true lager’, and why it’s worth sticking with tradition. The success of the campaign will see it roll into 2017/2018.