Supercharging a luxury beauty brand

111Skin: Surgically precise skincare

  • 80000 words delivered
  • 2 month deadline
  • Immediate sales uplift

“We were looking for an agency to bring authentic story to our new online home, and use the power of that story to more effectively drive e-commerce across core product ranges. UNTOLD genuinely cared. They were professional; the quality of work was exceptional and they were calm under the pressure of tight deadlines. Most of all they have helped drive both sales and the business in a new and modern direction.”

Michael Guyatt,
Director of Digital,

Our challenge

Premium global skincare brand, 111SKIN, needed a partner to help bring alive the richness of its story. Led by Dr Yannis Alexandrides, one of the world’s leading cosmetic surgeons, the brand is driven by science and research and a genuine desire to help people. During a complex rebrand, the team realised they had a great visual style and well-designed UX and ecommerce strategies, but there was a missing piece: the story.

Our solution

After initial Story Method workshopping, we carefully curated a bespoke team of leading ex-broadsheet and lifestyle magazine beauty editors, immersing them in the 111SKIN brand world. Following intensive sessions on tone, audience and the incredible art and science of the products and ingredients, UNTOLD translated 111SKIN’s key stories into engaging copy to supercharge ecommerce product pages.

Every existing sentence was analysed and re-written, asking at all times: how can this tell a better story? How can we help consumers understand the 111SKIN brand world and get a sense of the heart, soul and character of founders Dr Yannis and his wife Eva? Against a tight deadline, we delivered over 80,000 words of copy, and scripted 15 core brand-messaging short-films that are now powerfully speaking to the demographic.

Story first

A key innovation was adding a dedicated story section to every product and SKU on the site. Our writers are experts in the industry and together they pulled out the best options for the most interesting aspect of each product, from inspiration to ingredients. Blending this with the brand literature, research on the science and interviews with the experts at 111SKIN, we produced story-first content designed to educate and excite audiences.

Broadsheet appeal

When it came to the story of 111SKIN’s founders, Dr Yannis and Eva, we worked with Naomi Attwood, a London-based leading voice on fashion and beauty writing to think big. With our understanding of 111SKIN’s consumer tastes and behaviours, we formulated a digital feature to read like a blend of a broadsheet Sunday supplement profile and a glossy magazine interview, threaded with scientific rigour and brand story. This brought the founders to life, showcasing their ethos and passions, the way they work; even their lives outside the brand. Accompanied with studio imagery, the result was as much a Tatler or Vanity Fair profile spread as a section of a brand website.

  • The brand reported an immediate and significant uplift in sales in the quarters immediately following the site relaunch. Oh and did we mention we did all this in two months?