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To create a digital magazine site and full content marketing campaign that established a sense of origin, originality and context for the iconic Czech beer brand. To define and unpack the brand’s stories, raise awareness of South Bohemia – home of Budweiser Budvar – and the traditions, heritage and processes with which the beer is made. To craft new, irresistible content strategies and campaigns that engage a younger audience, while re-engaging the established market with Budvar’s unique provenance and brewing methods.


We masterminded and created B:INSPIRED, a powerful digital storytelling destination for the brand, populating it with a series of films and features inspired by Budvar. These explore and establish the Czech Republic, South Bohemia and Budvar’s history through a variety of thematic touch-points: authenticity, originality, the long road to perfection, place, process and independent spirit. From recipes for ‘hoptails’ – Budvar cocktails invented by the UK’s leading barmen – to working with London’s coolest custom motorcycle shop to build the world’s first beer-inspired motorbike, B:INSPIRED has revolutionised brand perception and boosted engagement, driving reach into new, on-demographic audiences and increasing year-on-year sales.

The campaign rolled out digitally in 2016 with massive viewing gains on films across social networks and YouTube, boosting engagement, brand visibility and followers. It became the brand’s core destination point digitally, plugging into all aspects of the marketing activity and feeding national media stories and press trips, earning 150+ pieces of coverage across online and offline channels, including two travel features in The Independent.

The success of both the content and campaign has seen B:INSPIRED expand in scale and ambition every year. Today Budvar really understands the power of brand as publisher and UNTOLD handles marketing, PR and social for the brand. The evolution of the campaign continues. In 2018, we were awarded “Best FMCG Marketing Campaign” at the Northern Digital Awards in recognition of the scale and quality of the journey so far.






TRUE BOHEMIANS: Building the ‘Budvar Bike’ with BOLT Motorcycles

The story of the Budvar custom motorcycle – the world’s first beer-inspired custom bike. From the castles and snow-capped mountains of Budvar’s South Bohemian home to workshops across the UK where BOLT worked with the finest craftsmen to create something truly spectacular.

BUDVAR BEER COCKTAILS: ‘The Czech Punch’ recipe from Maven Leeds

The first of a series of short, fast-paced films about the emerging world of beer cocktails. Showcasing Budweiser Budvar as an indespensible ingredient we travelled the UK to work with some of the best bars and bartenders out there.

RAFTING CZECH REPUBLIC: A two-day canoeing and camping adventure down the Vltava river

An adventure down the mighty Vltava river, shot on location in beautiful South Bohemia. We have since lead key press and sales contacts along this trip with great success.

CZECH STORIES ‘The Man Who Makes Beer’

A look at one of the key men behind Budweiser Budvar. This film is a deep dive in to brewing Budvar through the eyes of their resident beer sommelier, Ales Dvorak.