Content Marketing Redefined

Content marketing is a game-changer. It is the number one way for marketing to have an impact on your brand’s bottom line. UNTOLD is a specialist, multi award-winning content marketing agency that brings brands to life through authentic, resonant and inspiring storytelling, reaching out to new and existing audiences, driving engagement and converting consumers.

At UNTOLD we believe that in the near future no one will even use the term ‘content marketing’; it will simply be how all brands market. Just think about it: no content means no website, SEO, social media, PR or advertising. It means no effective marketing full-stop.

But don’t take our word for it; ask Google, Facebook, Apple or Netflix. Ask the editor of any media outlet, or any of the 88% of companies worldwide dipping their toes in the content waters.

The truth is though, that many brands are getting it wrong. We exist in a world full of noise, where audiences have more choice than ever, are better informed and cautious of being sold to. Everybody’s talking. Brands want to join conversations; they want to be heard and attract audiences but often they begin talking without thinking what they’re going to say, or who they are going to say it to. They create content that only adds to the chatter.

True content marketing is like an amazing song. It grabs attention and cuts through the noise. It doesn’t interrupt conversations, it’s the thing people are having conversations about. It offers value first, before asking for anything. It requires brands to stop thinking ‘content’ and start thinking story.

Powered by stories

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
Maya Angelou

The human animal is hard-wired for storytelling. For millennia we’ve gathered around fires to share experiences, process information and learn from each other. Great stories are just as powerful today, reducing us to tears in a cinema, leaving us hanging off every word in a novel or unable to sleep until we’ve seen every episode of a series. Stories are our emotional currency and the cornerstone of decision-making. They govern how we feel and what we do; they are our source of inspiration, what we seek to experience, and what we share with others.

This is why at UNTOLD we don’t think ‘content’, we think story. We harness the power of stories, told by the finest storytellers, to build a world around your brand that audiences want to explore and engage with.

Here’s how we do it:


We combine the world’s best storytellers with cutting-edge data insight to develop a picture of your brand DNA, your audience and the competitor landscape, identifying the stories and strategies that make you irresistible.


Harnessing the expertise of our unrivalled network of writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers, we create truly exceptional, innovative and inspirational content that unpacks and explores the stories of your brand.


We assemble the perfect channel mix for your audience. Our creative campaigns are data-driven, precision-targeted and carefully monitored for performance, delivering your stories in the right place at the right time.

"We didn’t want just another hotel magazine. We wanted something beautiful that captured the experience of travel. POSTCARD is not only driving bookings but guests are stealing it from their rooms."
Andrew Denton, Head of Communications, Best Western

Our work



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What we do


We create stories that transform brands into leading publishers. Our network of writers is made up of award-winning newspaper journalists and bestselling authors experienced in creating the highest quality copy across digital and print. We know words have power. We bring that power to brands, crafting strategically joined-up, search-optimised editorial that resonates.


Video is an indispensable partner to editorial. From films to documentaries, branded content to adverts, our team has an outstanding record in creating inspirational content for major channels. From inception to edit, we bring the best technical kit and a storyteller’s eye, creating films that are beautiful, irresistible and shareable.


Photographs are the most immediate way to draw viewers into a narrative. Research shows that content with eye-catching imagery gets 94% more views than content without. For each project, we create repositories of stunning images that are optimised to enrich editorial, bring stories to life and create a currency for social.


Great storytelling is nothing if there’s no one to share the stories with. Equally PR and social are nothing without stories to share. We’re expert at crafting powerful strategies for seeding out everything we create, leveraging the latest technology and freshest data for maximum impact across social, PR and influencer networks.


We live in a digital age, but the truth is that the allure and power of print never went away. Bespoke magazines are on the rise again, enjoying enormous popularity and loyalty, and cutting through the noise. From magazines to brochures, we create beautifully designed print projects that deliver storytelling the old-fashioned way.


Every bit as important to creating quality stories is where and how those stories live digitally. We create websites that are beautiful destinations for outreach and powerful story hubs for campaigns. Fully responsive and with a focus on UX, we build best-in-class web products, underpinned with SEO and designed to be discoverable, beautiful and functional.