Untold is a leading content marketing strategy and story creation agency, specialising in travel, food & drink and culture. We bring brands to life through authentic, resonant and inspiring storytelling, building lasting, loyal relationships with new and existing customers.

We understand how the art of storytelling works in a changing digital landscape. We know that shifting search and social algorithms mean brands need great content at the heart of their marketing offering. Uncovering, creating and sharing those stories - that’s what we do best.


We work with you to understand your brand DNA and identify the stories you should be telling.


We create beautiful stories using award-winning writers, filmmakers, photographers and designers.


We share your stories through custom-built websites, print magazines, social and PR.


I was bowled over when POSTCARD landed on my desk. It’s the best example of a branded magazine I’ve ever seen: genuinely interesting features…high standards of storytelling and wonderful photography. A gorgeous magazine that I genuinely like to read.

– Julia Buckley, Head of Travel, The Independent


What we do

Our services include everything from creating full, strategic story campaigns to one-off pieces of content, working with you from initial idea stage to analytics and reporting.

Writing and editorial

Our unrivalled team of writers includes leading journalists and bestselling novelists, all with years of experience in delivering quality stories to audiences across a range of formats. Strategically joined-up, search optimised and superbly written, our editorial is as compelling as any you’ll find in a top-tier newspaper or magazine.

Video and filmmaking

Video is an indispensable partner to editorial. From films to documentaries, branded content to adverts, our team has an outstanding record in creating inspirational content for major channels. From inception to edit, we bring the best technical kit and a storyteller’s eye, creating films that are beautiful, irresistible and shareable.

Photography and imagery

Photographs are the most immediate way to draw viewers into a narrative. Research shows that content with eye-catching imagery gets 94% more views than content without. For each project, we create repositories of stunning images that are optimised to enrich editorial, bring stories to life and create a currency for social.

Social and PR

Great storytelling is nothing if there’s no one to share the stories with. Equally PR and social are nothing without stories to share. We’re expert at crafting powerful strategies for seeding out everything we create, leveraging the latest technology and freshest data for maximum impact across social, PR and influencer networks.

Magazines and print

We live in a digital age, but the truth is that the allure and power of print never went away. Bespoke magazines are on the rise again, enjoying enormous popularity and loyalty, and cutting through the noise. From magazines to brochures, we create beautifully designed print projects that deliver storytelling the old-fashioned way.

Web design and build

Every bit as important as the stories is where and how they live online. Working on existing or brand new web properties we create websites and story hubs that become destinations for all outreach. Fully responsive and with a focus on UX, we build best-in-class web products, underpinned with SEO expertise and designed to be discoverable, beautiful and functional.


Our work

Handling all aspects of content strategy, creation and delivery,we work both direct to client and through third-party agencies for some of the world’s best-known brands.


Why stories matter

We all know the power of storytelling. For millennia our species has been hard-wired for it, gathering around a fire to share experiences, process information and learn from each other. Stories remain just as powerful today, reducing us to tears, leaving us hanging off every word in a novel or unable to sleep until we finish that series.

Being the ultimate emotional currency, stories remain at the heart of all our decision-making. They are what we search for when looking for inspiration, what we seek to experience and what we share with the world. But in today’s changing digital landscape storytelling also carries a vital technical dimension. It determines how well you perform in search rankings and across digital channels, influencing where, when and how you appear in the consumer journey.

Untold doesn’t just create award-winning stories; we are experts in delivering them too. We understand how these emotional and technical layers work and bring together many years of experience with the latest research to deliver results and real ROI.


Our story

Untold was founded in 2014 by directors, Rob Cowen and Theo Cooper. Described as “one of the UK’s most exciting writers” by the Guardian, Rob is an award-winning journalist, author and content specialist who has written extensively across UK media, including spells as a columnist at the Independent and Telegraph. His latest book Common Ground was shortlisted for the Portico, Richard Jefferies and Wainwright literary prizes.

Theo is a journalist turned content and social specialist who has created and implemented global story strategies for world-leading brands, including Starwood, Coca Cola, Converse, Diesel and Jack Daniel's, as well as providing social and PR consultancy for clients ranging from music festivals to major political parties. Awards include the prestigious Music Week award for Best Branded Campaign.

Untold’s unrivalled network of wordsmiths, filmmakers, photographers, developers and marketers has collectively contributed to every respected magazine and newspaper on the planet, and produced winning content campaigns for many of the world’s best-loved brands.




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